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Megha Agarwal is an AI/ML Specialist at Google Cloud, UK. She has a wealth of experience in helping startups and enterprises across various industries embrace cloud native machine learning. Currently she helps Google Cloud customers develop and deliver their AI strategy, to leverage cloud advanced analytics use cases for streamlining their key business use cases/ customers experience. Before Google, Megha was working as a Lead AI/ML architect at Microsoft Azure. She has also worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Pivotal Labs building e2e ML solutions from inception to MLOps across. She has done her MSc in Advanced Machine Learning from Uni of Bristol, UK.

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Comment Technip Energies utilise l’IA dans le traitement automatisé de documents pour la transition énergétique dans l'industrie

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25/09/2023 | 15:15 - 15:40 | Salle de Conférence 2