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  • Data portal for 16,000 customers: Conciliate analytics and digital transformation.

    10h15 - 11h00

    Caceis, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, is specialized in providing financial services to institutional investors. The team in charge of digital and data projects will share its testimony by looking back at the origins and key points of the project:

    ● OLIS - a secure extranet portal for 16,000 customers
    ● How to offer real-time access to a consolidated and detailed vision of their activity
    ● A technical challenge: "From Big Data to Smart Data"
    ● An innovative approach with the contribution of an agile editor (DigDash)

    • Aziza Ben Ghozzia Tribe Leader Big Data CACEIS BANK
    • Elodie Yard Data viz Leader CACEIS BANK
    • Abdo Berberry Head of IT Line 3D CACEIS BANK
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  • BI on Big Data in the Cloud: Implement your Application - in One Click!

    11h15 - 12h00

    Cloud provider solutions such as Amazon Web Services provide flexible and agile environments that can scale elastically on demand and offer faster, easily deployable storage and data processing capabilities at an attractive price without having to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment.

    This allows us to envisage a greater autonomy for the business lines in the uses of the data: to be able to implement the analytical applications more quickly in order to optimize the existing processes and to innovate.

    However, many big data and analytics solutions have only shifted the complexity of implementing their solutions from on-premise environments to the cloud.

    How to keep the promise of industrialization of analytic applications in the cloud and the democratization of uses?
    How to take advantage of cloud architectures - in 1 click - to industrialize analytics applications on Big Data?
    How to guarantee an ROI for analytics projects in the cloud?

    • Nicolas Korchia COO INDEXIMA
    • Patrick Ludwig Business Development Manager AMAZON WEB SERVICES
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  • PWC

    12h45 - 13h30
    • Jean-David BENASSOULI Associé responsable de l'activité Data Intelligence PwC France
    • Sylvain LAMBERT Associé responsable du département Développement durable PwC France
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  • Tech sessions & Meet up
  • Meet up
  • Welcome

    17h20 - 17h30

    By Big Data Paris & LumenAi

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  • Make clear ETL projects with Spark and Scala

    17h30 - 18h15

    A growing data team may have to work on several projects in parallel, and this with little staff.
    Data scientists and data analysts working on ETL projects often have a lack of experience in software engineering.

    How to reduce the effort of developers when moving from one project to another while maintaining the quality of the code?
    How can we help them focus on the business logic of ETL projects rather than solving technical problems?

    During this meetup, come and discover a new open-source framework called SETL (pronounced "settle"), which aims to decouple Spark ETL projects and free developers from code unrelated to the business.

    • Xuzhou QIN Data Scientist JCDECAUX
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  • How to comply with RGDP while allowing the use of data

    18h15 - 19h00

    The GDPR meets a double need for the protection of personal data and respect for privacy. These necessary constraints, however, complicate the exploitability of data, vital for our business:
    - price estimation
    - ad recommendation
    - user experience
    - fight against fraud
    - facilitating the work of advertisers
    - etc ...

    We will see in this conference the general rules that we apply internally to data, how we protect it (encryption, management of secrets), and how we take care of the respect for the privacy of users (expiration of secrets, erasure at Requirement, …).

    The SeLoger's Group Data pole is made up of almost 50 employees: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Stewards, Product Owners, Product Managers and Scrum Masters.

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