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BIG DATA - Conference room 1

  • Big Data trends and strategy
  • Participants’ welcome

    09h10 - 09h30
    • Enguérand RENAULT Moderator, Chief Editor Media & Technology LE FIGARO
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  • Using Big Data to serve the common good: the OPAL project’s goals and prospects

    09h30 - 09h50

    OPAL (which stands for Open Algorithms) is a socio-technological nonprofit innovation project developed by a group of partners around the MIT Media Lab, Imperial College London, Orange, the World Economic Forum and Data-Pop Alliance, aiming to unlock the potential of private sector data for public good purposes in an ethical and sustainable manner. The project, which is currently being piloted in Senegal and Columbia, is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD - Agence Française de Développement), the Hewlett Foundation and the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL).

    • Emmanuel LETOUZÉ Connection Science Fellow, MIT - Ex. Director, OPAL Project - Co Founder DATA-POP ALLIANCE
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  • Big Data and AI: rebuilding trust

    09h50 - 10h20

    Aurélie Jean is a digital scientist in engineering, medicine, education, economics, finance and journalism and has spent 9 years in the USA in institutions such as MIT and Bloomberg. Aurélie is also a senior advisor for the Boston Consulting Group and a mentor for the NASA Frontier Development Lab.

    • Aurélie JEAN Computational Scientist and entrepreneur
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  • Break & networking

    10h20 - 10h50
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  • 5G and it use-cases in the business world, Big Data, and Industry 4.0

    10h50 - 11h10


    • Weiliang SHI President HUAWEI FRANCE
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  • Big Data issues and uses cases in SMEs and MidCaps

    11h10 - 11h50

    Round table

    • Bernard OURGHANLIAN Directeur Technique et Sécurité MICROSOFT
    • Guillaume PERRIN HOUDON Chief Data Officer LA FOURCHETTE
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  • How to get prepared for Quantum Computing

    11h50 - 12h10


    • Maud VINET Quantum computing program manager CEA LETI
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  • Presentation of the BIG DATA Innovation Awards

    12h10 - 12h40

    Award Ceremony
    Pitch by the 4 finalists: come and vote for the most innovative project!
    Open to the public

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  • Lunch break

    12h40 - 14h00

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  • BIG DATA - Conference room 1
  • B2B Business Line Case StudyTrack
  • Banque de France: which data governance to leverage data capital and secure buy-in from teams?

    14h00 - 14h20

    -    How Banque de France is putting people back at the heart its data-driven strategy
    -    Effectively tackling the challenge of acculturation: from training to differentiated business line strategies

    • Marc FASQUELLE Deputy Director for Digital transformation BANQUE DE FRANCE
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  • Using Big Data to manage public spaces?

    14h20 - 14h40

    How a real-time Big Data platform has been rolled out to manage public spaces

    • Pratima BHURTUN Data scientist AMBISMART
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  • Monoprix & Retail 4.0: when local retailing becomes data driven

    14h40 - 15h00

    How Monoprix has moved its existing architecture to the cloud to allow data to be disseminated and leveraged across all departments and to step-up the development of innovation around the omnichannel customer experience

    • Damien PICHOT Head of Operations and Flows MONOPRIX
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  • How Data anonymization enables Mastercard to benefit from its data in compliance with GDPR ?

    15h00 - 15h20

    -How to handle new privacy laws and keep the same level of valuable analytical insights ?
    -Drive data utility without compromising the privacy of their customers : how anonymized data can be used to improve the performance of data models powering personalization campaigns

    • James HOUSE Chief Customer Officer TRUATA
    • Caroline LOUVEAUX Chief Privacy Officer MASTERCARD
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  • Break & networking

    15h20 - 16h00
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  • How BNP Paribas Real Estate is leveraging its data to foster easier property transactions for its business lines

    16h00 - 16h20

    - Using internal data and open data to effectively evaluate the pros and cons of each property acquisition project 
    - Next step: rolling the project out within the framework of the Smart City and IoT strategy 

    • Willy SOMMAY Head of BI & Corporate Domain BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE
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  • Big Data and Predictive Maintenance: how Kone anticipates breakdowns and boosts customer satisfaction

    16h20 - 16h40

    -Using Machine learning and the IoT to leverage predictive maintenance and monitoring: using sensors to monitor over one million lifts that each have over 200 critical parameters

    -Approach and technical roll-out: from cloud-based storage and analysis to the implementation of AI solutions for predictive maintenance.

    • Agnieszka BRUYERE VP Cloud & Cognitive Software IBM FRANCE
    • Julien LANNERS Directeur Commercial Modernisation KONE FRANCE
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  • How Orange is improving the quality of its web-based customer data in real-time

    16h40 - 17h00

    - Identifying bad data to ensure business line users have access to reliable, good-quality data: what is the impact and added-value in terms of processes and organisation?
    - Review of the key steps and technological components introduced: real-time availability of data via the cloud, use of an unsupervised AI algorithm to detect bad data
    - Next steps: correction recommendation system, supervised machine learning approach to detect bad data

    • Aleksander DABROWSKI Senior Manager QUANTMETRY
    • Simon TEXIER Product Owner Data ORANGE
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BIG DATA - Conference room 2

  • Expert Track
  • 5 keys to successfully evangelize data in your organization

    12h45 - 13h30

    The data revolution is well underway, but your organization might still be behind in the training it needs to adapt to today’s data-driven landscape. If you manage a data team, you’re probably working on data analytics, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. And you know how overwhelming it can be to get your organization up to speed: what do all these terms mean and how can they be leveraged to impact your organization, whether you're in finance, healthcare, tech, the public sector, or another industry? This talk gives you a primer on how data can impact your business, what your teams need to know, and how to go about training them.

    Speaker : Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Data science advocate , DataCamp

    • Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson Data science advocate DataCamp
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  • BIG DATA - Conference room 2
  • Expert Track
  • Eliminating Bias in the deployment of Machine Learning

    14h00 - 14h40

    The primary source of bias in machine learning is not in the algorithms deployed, but rather the data used as input to build the predictive models.  In this talk we will discuss why this is a huge problem and what to do about it.  Different sources of bias will be identified along with possible solutions for remedying the situation when deploying machine learning.  We will also speak about the importance of transparency when using machine learning to predict outcomes that impact critical decisions.   

    • Stephen BROBST Chief Technology Officer TERADATA
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  • Quantic supremacy

    14h40 - 15h00
    • Damien ROUX Customer Engineer GOOGLE CLOUD FRANCE
    • Pierre FROUGE Customer Engineer GOOGLE CLOUD FRANCE
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  • The Amadeus Data Platform: how to process 60% of worldwide air shopping traffic in the cloud?

    15h00 - 15h20

    Case Study
    - How Amadeus ported Big Data applications from Hadoop vendors based distribution to a full cloud native architecture based on micro-services and open source technologies (Kubernetes, Kafka ecosystem, Spark and Airflow)
    - How to handle Big Data concepts such as ETL, batch and streaming in the cloud environment and explore some DevOps activities
    - How to use sophisticated machine learning methods to anticipate any instability of the platform

    • Mingjie LI Big Data Principal Engineer AMADEUS IT GROUP
    • Ahmed OULABAS Big Data Engineer AMADEUS IT GROUP
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  • Break & networking

    15h20 - 16h00
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  • Industry 4.0: Big Data usage and solutions within the Faurecia Group

    16h00 - 16h20

    How the Faurecia Group is using Data technology to tackle its business challenges and step-up its digital transformation

    • Kais SOLTANE Lead and Manager Big Data & Analytics FAURECIA
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  • Is having a single data platform really possible for Cdiscount?

    16h20 - 16h40

    Review of the migration of Cdiscount’s data infrastructure to the cloud
    - Which architecture?  How to scale the system and estimate costs.
    - Which migration strategy?
    - How does the architecture support our new usage habits? 

    • Thomas HARRY Head of Data CDISCOUNT
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  • Hook up your business to Kafka

    16h40 - 17h00

    During this presentation by Rémi Forest, Solution Engineer at Confluent, discover how global leaders such as Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook quantify the value leveraged from their data. Rémi will also discuss other digital native firms (such as Uber, Ebay, Netflix and LinkedIn), before going on to explore more traditional firms from the retail, finance and automotive sectors. The second part of this presentation will focus on the steps involved in setting up a business case using Kafka.

    • Rémi FOREST Senior Solutions Engineer CONFLUENT
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  • Marketing Automation & Big Data

    17h00 - 17h20

    Technologies are the focus of most digital teams, especially the usage of artificial intelligence and big data. But truth is digitalization and automation of services are made to improve the customer experience. Marketing is affected through personalization of advertising, products and services, while considering data privacy … and keeping the right balance between human and technologies.

    • Sikaar KEITA Customer Experience Presales ORACLE
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