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BIG DATA - Conference room 1

  • Big Data trends and strategy
  • Participants’ welcome

    09h00 - 09h10
    • Enguérand RENAULT Moderator, Chief Editor Media & Technology LE FIGARO
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  • Opening speech

    09h10 - 09h40
    • Cédric O Minister of State for the Digital Sector
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  • Cambridge Analytica and the future of Data protection

    09h40 - 10h10

    Fireside chat

    • Christopher WYLIE Data scientist and Cambridge Analytica whistleblower
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  • Big Data geopolitics: will Europe be the alternative to the American and Chinese models?

    10h10 - 10h40

    Opinion debate

    • Charles THIBOUT Editor, FRANCE CULTURE, Researcher IRIS
    • Gilles BABINET Digital Champion European Commission
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  • Break & networking

    10h40 - 11h10
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  • How to set up an efficient data governance, adopted by all

    11h10 - 12h00

    Round table
    - Organization, acculturation and integrated platforms: successfully transition on these 3 axes
    - How to make CDO, CIO and business lines work hand in hand? What roles to deploy within the company, with what responsibilities?

    • Elias BALTASSIS Partner & Director, Data & Analytics THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP
    • Chafika CHETTAOUI, PhD Chief Data Officer GROUPE SUEZ
    • Christina POIRSON Group Chief Data Officer SOCIETE GENERALE
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  • Cybersecurity and Big Data

    12h00 - 12h20


    • Patrice BIGEARD Délégué Sécurité du numérique Région Ile de France ANSSI
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  • Key Principles of a Modern Big Data Analytics Strategy

    12h20 - 12h40
    • Johan PICARD Data Analytics Practice Lead GOOGLE CLOUD FRANCE
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  • Lunch break

    12h40 - 14h00
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  • BIG DATA - Conference room 1
  • B2C Marketing Case Study Track
  • How ManoMano is using A/B testing and Big Data to continually improve its website and boost visitor satisfaction

    14h00 - 14h20

    - Best practices to adopt and pitfalls to avoid when conducting A/B testing
    - Review of the improvements rolled out following A/B testing
    - How to measure and interpret the figures: making the data available to business lines and employees 

    • Charles GODDET Business Data Analyst MANOMANO
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  • How Sarenza is optimising its marketing use cases by migrating its data platform to the cloud

    14h20 - 14h40

    - How can the time-to-market of critical data be reduced during sales periods?
    - Recommendation engine, pricing, fraud detection, customer return forecasts: review of the main marketing use cases
    - How to democratise access to data: creation of a Data Business unit to provide training for business lines, introduction of a Self-Service solution to provide easier access to over 500 data sources for business employees and partners

    • Romain MARRET Head of Data and Big Data Architecture SARENZA
    • Olivier GIRARDOT Head of Data MALT.COM
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  • Big Data and R&D: review of how a data lake was rolled out to boost l’Oréal’s research and development work

    14h40 - 15h00

    - Over 50 million pieces of data are processed at L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation (R&I) centre each day
    - How L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation work is underpinned by a cloud-based governed data lake to gather, protect and share research data from product innovation through to end-user appraisal
    - How L’Oréal ensures confidence and trust in their data quality

    • Philippe BENIVAY IS Experimental Data Intelligence L'OREAL
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  • How the Société Générale has optimised the end-to-end customer journey to deliver a multi-channel experience

    15h00 - 15h20

    - How Big Data usage can help forge a cross-channel customer experience
    - Behaviour analysis: from identifying abandonment points to detecting bounce-back marketing opportunities

    • Karim PERDREAU Data Marketing Deputy Director SOCIETE GENERALE
    • Claire ROUFFAUD Product Owner Big Data SOCIETE GENERALE
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  • Using customer voice analysis to boost customer satisfaction

    15h20 - 15h40

    Case Study

    • François Régis CHAUMARTIN CEO PROXEM
    • Robin DOREMUS Customer Satisfaction Manager ENGIE
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  • Break & networking

    15h40 - 16h20
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  • Club Med: review of how a data lake was rolled out to leverage a customer 360 strategy

    16h20 - 16h40

    Club Med walks us through the implementation of its data transformation plan and examines the technological and business learnings
    - Technological strand: hybridization of gradient boosting methods, deep learning and Bayesian models. Review of how algorithms were rolled out to identify customer journey patterns
    - The project in numbers: 14 billion scores calculated each day, +50 variables used in the models, 5 months from scoping through to mass roll-out

    • Mathieu CHOUX Partner EKIMETRICS
    • Barbara VANDEPUTTE Head of Customer & Business Intelligence Monde CLUB MED
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  • Supporting the sales force with Big Data: how Machine Learning and data science have helped Pernod Ricard associate operational efficiency with optimised sales activities

    16h40 - 17h00

    - Review of the development of a data analysis application for the on-premise market (café, hotel and restaurant sector) with a view to honing customer insight
    - Application of a scoring model, market segmentation: how to give the sales force the power to target priority areas
    -Leveraging data: changes to business-lines’ data usage habits driven by the availability of real-time data, the identification of prospecting niches...
    How to guarantee data governance in a Big Data environment

    • Romain GAUTHIER BI & Data Solutions Manager PERNOD RICARD
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  • Carrefour Drive: review of the implementation of an engine that suggests product substitutions to customers

    17h00 - 17h20

    - Real time, Machine Learning, exploitation of structured and unstructured data: how Big Data usage allows the firm to offer a personalised service whilst boosting sales performance; over 70% of product substitutions are accepted
    - Review of substitution use cases: supply for deferred orders, proposal of in-store substitution in the event of stockouts on promotions, assistance with order picking when preparing click-and-collect orders.

    • Sylvain BELLIER Executive Vice-President EPSILON FRANCE
    • Sylvain MARSAULT Director Data Science & Data Governance CARREFOUR
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  • Thales : Key success factors for a secured AI revolution

    17h20 - 17h40

    - How to approach AI transformation safely (security, privacy, …)? 
    - How to manage adversarial attacks (AI against AI)? 
    With 80+ data scientists & data engineers, 60+ data buckets and 40+ GPU servers, Juan David will share with us key elements that have been successfully implemented.

    • Juan David DUGAND AI Innovation Director THALES
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BIG DATA - Conference room 2

  • Expert Track
  • Sessions of room 2 starts at 9:30am

    09h30 - 09h30
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  • BIG DATA - Conference room 2
  • Expert Track
  • Opening speech

    14h00 - 14h40
    • Arnaud MATON Head of Data Management GROUPE KILOUTOU
    • Nicolas LALOUM Head of data projects PRICEMOOV
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  • Creating an Extensible Big Data Platform - 100s of PetaBytes with Realtime access

    14h40 - 15h20

    In his talk, Reza reflects on the challenges faced with building a reliable Big Data platform and proposes architectural solutions to scale your Big Data Platform to ingest, store, and serve 100+ PB of data with minute level latency while efficiently utilizing the hardware and meeting the security needs.

    The motivation for this talk is Uber's business needs for real-time Big data. Uber’s mission is to ignite opportunities by setting the world in motion. To fulfill this mission, Uber relies heavily on making data-driven decisions in every product area and needs to store and process an ever-increasing amount of data. To this end, Reza’s team had redesigned traditional Big Data platform solutions to provide faster, more reliable, and more-performant access by adding a few critical technologies that overcome their limitations. In his presentation, Reza will dive into the technical aspects of how the ingestion platform can be re-architected to bring in 10+ trillion events/day at minute-level latency, how the storage platform can be scaled, and how the processing platform can be redesigned to efficiently serve millions of queries and jobs/day. He will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the current Big data technology landscape, including various existing open-source technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Presto, Kafka, Avro, Parquet) as well as what had to be built at Uber and open-sourced to fill the gaps and push the boundaries such as Hudi and Marmaray.

    You can expect to leave his talk with greater insight into how things work in an extensible modern Big Data platform and will be inspired to re-envision your own data platform to make it more generic and flexible for future new requirements.

    • Reza SHIFTEHFAR Engineering Manager UBER
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  • Networking break

    15h20 - 16h00
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  • Air France : Big Data & Analytics strategy in context of Hybrid cloud evolution

    16h00 - 16h20
    • Eric POUTRIN Lead Enterprise Architect Data Management & Analytics AIR FRANCE KLM
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  • La Poste: Data wrangling, or preparing data for use by business lines

    16h20 - 16h40

    How La Poste’s Mail Division uses Big Data and AI algorithms in its IS to transform raw OCR data into quality data, notably optimising the processing of mail

    • Rachid ALILI Chief Data Scientist LA POSTE
    • Julien PIRUS Head of Industrial Development DASS LA POSTE
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  • “One click Big Data”, dream or reality?

    16h40 - 17h00


    Is it really possible to deploy a complete Big Data environment in a “simple click”? In this session, we will study some use cases and will see how the cloud can automate the end-to-end provisioning of environments adapted. We will discover multiple analysis services and how to integrate them.

    • Sébastien STORMACQ Developer Advocate AMAZON WEB SERVICES
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  • Is the end nigh for Hadoop?

    17h00 - 17h20
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