What is Mobile Journey Marketing?

To build and maintain a successful business today, organizations need to engage consumers on mobile. The average person spends five hours per day on their phone and 81% of users have their mobile within arm’s reach every minute of the day.

Mobile is personal, and users seek value at every step of their journey. They oppose anything that hinders or obstructs that journey – with 85% unlikely to forgive bad mobile experiences. Because like the device, user journeys are personal. An individual’s life is mappable across apps and the mobile web, revealing habits, preferences, behaviors, and intentions.

If organizations understand the journey, they reveal the human behind the screen. Reveal the human, and they can engage them effectively. But there are three significant challenges that stand in their way:

  1. An incomplete view of the mobile user journey, as organizations only see what happens inside their own apps, sites or ecosystem.
  2. Complex and poorly integrated consent, data, insights and activation solutions, due to industry-wide marketing tech stack complexity.
  3. Consumer unease towards the lack of transparency on collection and usage of their consent and data.

MobileJourneyMarketing is a new discipline of marketing that enables organizations to understand the entire mobile user journey, and to market across it.

Powered by purpose-built AI technology, Ogury MJM solutions turn raw mobile journey consented signals into business results; consumer engagement on mobile, and revenue generation from mobile apps and websites.

By integrating its MJM consent, data, insights and activation solutions in one place, Ogury enables brands and publishers to understand the entire mobile user journey, inform mobile strategy, and deliver previously unattainable business results.

Mobile Journey Data

Ogury collects consented signals from more than 400m unique mobile user profiles from over 120 countries across the globe. These signals are interpreted by purpose-built AI technology in order to generate the first-party interest and behavioral data that fuels Ogury’s MJM solutions.

  1. It all starts with consent

Ogury’s SDK is integrated into over 12,000 apps and mobile sites around the globe, with more being added every day. Believing from the start that transparency is the future of marketing and that consumers should have full control over their personal data, Ogury presents a clear, high converting opt-in notice to every consumer. This provides an opportunity for the user to give explicit consent to share raw journey signals in exchange for relevant and tailored marketing recommendations.

  1. Multiple sources for consented signals

Raw mobile journey signals are collected by Ogury from a variety of sources, avoiding reliance on any single platform. These include:

IPs : IP addresses connected to a specific process within the user’s system are used by Ogury’s technology to reconstruct the user’s browsing history and app usage.

Bid Requests : Real-time bid requests from consented users are interpreted by Ogury’s technology to identify which apps are used and which websites are browsed by these users.

Rx/Tx : Network data sent and received for a specific process within the user’s device are processed by Ogury’s technology to reconstruct a user’s app usage.

  1. Consented signals are interpreted and transformed into meaningful data

Once collected, these consented signals are transformed by Ogury’s purpose-built data generation AI engine into meaningful Mobile Journey Data. User behavior is revealed across websites browsed, apps installed or deleted, and usage of apps.  To enable this Ogury has created unique, data generation algorithms, some of which include:

Browsing History Reconstruction (BHR)

Patent-pending BHR transforms the sequences of raw IP signals from users’ browsing history. It uses an advanced crawling system that generates specific signatures for each website browsed and applies big data processes to generate users’ mobile web journeys.

App Usage Reconstruction (AUR)

AUR interprets sequences of raw IP signals into the list of apps that users engage with, filtering out those that are running as a background process.

This powerful data set means organizations are no longer limited to their own apps, sites or ecosystem, and can now understand the entire user journey across all apps and mobile websites. Not just within owned assets, not just the buyer lifecycle or marketing funnel, not just segments, but the full mobile journey, around the clock.  They now get a complete view of:

  • Every installed app
  • Every website browsed
  • Usage of every app

Turn Data into Insights

This unique mobile journey data is visualized and made available to organizations, providing precious insights and a deep knowledge of the mobile user journey. Ogury enables these organizations to understand user behavior and interests across all apps and websites, discover affinities between new and existing audiences, and monitor the performance of competitors, as well as ecosystem dynamics.

Turn Insights into Activation

Organizations are then able to activate these insights with Ogury’s purpose-built User Affinity Engine and Revenue Optimization Engine, to market across the entire mobile journey. This provides marketers with the most precise and relevant targeting in the industry, as ads are replaced by personalized recommendations, driving high engagement from consumers.

Context embedding is used to learn not just which apps and websites are used regularly but which are used frequently together in similar contexts.  Applying the principles of NLP we think of a user’s journey as a sentence of words.  Each word in that sentence is an app or a website a user has interacted with.  A shallow neural network with a single hidden layer can take in a ‘word’ as input and predict the context of ‘words’ around it as output. This NLP learning powers our unique Brand Affinity and App Affinity algorithms.

Ogury is hiring! Come and meet the team* at our booth (#A62) and listen to one of our talks:

  • REX : How our Data Warehouse has became the access to our 700 TB Data – RoomE, Monday 11th at 11:00am
  • Efficient Mobile Journey Encoder using Natural Language Processing at (Very Large) Scale – RoomE, Tuesday 12th at 11:30am
  • BigData & Machine Learning landscape – Amphithéâtre Bleu, Monday 11th at 5:00pm

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